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Wedding Videography Services

Why hire me?


I have 25 years experience of working in the commercial world in various contract management, sales and team management positions.  I’ve managed teams and business units with budgets of up to £3.5m and although I no longer wish to work in this environment full time, I am very experienced in that world, and speak the language.  I can converse from Shop floor - CEO’s equally.


I’m flexible… Monday - Sunday (Any hours to suit your business needs)  I generally wish to operate around the midlands, but for the right work I can travel and over night when need be.

I can be a passive observer and simply operate the camera and film what is happening.  Equally I can produce and direct shots or shoots as each client needs.  I can work with your ideas, or generate my own. I’m smart, well presented and professional.  I’ve built a fair portfolio of video projects from weddings to small promos for small businesses along with some more corporate work.  


I’m reasonably priced.  You will need to contact me to discuss your requirements for a formal quotation but for a small project my rates will start at around £485 for a short promo type video to be created, edited. Invoicing facilities for partial pro-forma and part credit payment.

  • Business Promotion videos

  • Product shoots (Photo or video)

  • Meet the team videos

  • Inside The Factory type behind the scenes films

  • Internal training and induction videos

  • Corporate interview style videos

  • Music gigs/events

  • Construction projects from inception to completion

  • Events (Parties, awards etc)


So, if you have any project that you would like to be filmed or photographed, please contact me to discuss!

Corporate Videos

Music Videos


Music Videos
Business Promotion
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